How to Choose a Marketing Agency for Your Project

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How to Choose a Marketing Agency for Your Project

By In tips On July 18, 2016

When your business begins a project of any form, there are elements that are essential to its success.  One of these is usually marketing – whether it is a product launch, a new location, a new range or even just a re-branding exercise.  Working with a marketing agency can be cost effective and allow you access to the talent you need for the duration of the project.  But how do you choose the right one?

Physical or online

The first thing to consider is whether you want a marketing agency you can physically visit or meet up with or if you are happy to do everything over the internet.  If you are based in London, for example, then a marketing agency in London might be ideal – you can meet up as well as talk over the internet.   However, if you are based out in the country or there are no agencies near you that fit the bill, then an online relationship is a good solution.

Researching the agency

Once you have selected between physical and online, the next thing to do is some research on the agencies you are considering.  Look at the range of services they offer and see how they look compared with your needs.  Do they have in house design specialists to create marketing materials?  Have they experience with the kind of project you are undertaking?

Don’t think you have to have an industry specialist for your project as sometimes a company with wide experience across industries can bring a different point of view to the project.  They can think about things in a different manner and help you stand out from your competition.

Client relationships are a key part of working with a marketing agency so look for references from previous customers.  Some might leave reviews on the website and there might even be some you can contact for more information.

How to Choose a Marketing Agency for Your Project2

Approaching the company

Once you have the background information, you can then approach the company to discuss your needs.

You might want to do this with more than one company to get a few different viewpoints and find the one that best suits your own ideas.

Talk to them about the services they offer and what you need.  Ask for case studies of previous customers and the success levels that their projects have had – can they prove they can do what they say they do?  

Don’t be afraid to ask about the technical stuff, even if you don’t entirely understand it straight away.  You can always make notes and do a little research afterwards, to help you make your decision.  But if you feel someone is trying to bamboozle you with terminology, then this can hint at a problematic relationship that you may never feel comfortable with.


When it comes to choosing a marketing agency, it is as much about your gut feeling as anything.  If you feel that the company understands your needs, has solutions for your problems and listen to what you have to say then this is a sound basis for a successful partnership.

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