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Preparation Tips Before a Paranormal Investigation

By In Paranormal On July 29, 2015

When you watch TV shows, going on a paranormal investigation looks simple but there is a surprising amount of preparation involved behind the scenes. As well as getting the right equipment together, there are also other areas to cover to ensure you have a successful and safe investigation.

Planning the investigation

You may want to investigate a certain location that has no previous paranormal associations for one reason or another or you may want to check out a place with a record of previous sightings. Regardless, some basic research into the property or location should be done. Know as much about its history as you can as well as details of previous hauntings. Local newspapers are a good source along with databases on the internet with listings for each place.

Decide when you are going to hold the investigation. Generally, between 9pm and 6am are the most successful times for seeing anything paranormal but if your research associates phenomena on the site with a certain time, then factor this in.

Basic preparation

Always scout the location beforehand and during the day. Make an assessment based on potential dangers on the location that might cause even bigger problems during the night – uneven floors, unsafe areas and other dangerous problems can lead to serious injuries if they catch you unaware once it is dark.

Check that you are allowed legally to investigate the location. If there are ‘private property’ signs up, you could face a fine or even be arrested for being on the property. However, you can approach the owner of the property and ask their permission for the investigation, in which case you may be granted this. It can also be an idea to let the local policy station know that you will be on the site at night to avoid calls from concerned locals. Once you are on site, if you are asked to leave for any reason, it is always best to agree and save a scene.

You can also take a few stock photos during the day to help with your reports afterwards. Once it is dark, it is difficult to tell features of a building but by having photos from daylight times, this can help afterwards with identifying anything that causes confusion.

On the night

According to Creepy Ghost Stories when the night of the investigation comes around, assemble the team and go through your equipment – make sure everyone has what they need including torches and notepads as well as plenty of spare batteries. Make sure everyone has ID in case you are stopped by anyone official to show who you are.

Then decide who is covering which areas or what plan you have for the night. It may be that certain areas need to be covered for the duration of the investigation while other areas can be checked periodically. You will need to assemble equipment such as video cameras, motion detectors and thermometers if you are using them.

Finally, you are ready to go. Follow your plans, stay safe and keep your eyes open. You never know when the paranormal will raise its head!

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