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Some Super Creative Marketing Ideas that will Engage Your Audience

By In social On February 14, 2017

Marketing is a very changed industry since the internet came along and had meant that increasingly people could try different ways to market to customers. Being creative in your marketing doesn’t always mean you need to do something very costly and outrageous – as these ideas show.

Social media ideas

Ask anyone what the big trend for social media marketing is at the moment and into next year, and they will say one thing – video. Video blogging or vlogging is becoming an industry in its own right, and the growth of YouTube, Facebook Live and other video sharing facilities is proof. While you don’t have to abandon traditional content for videos, it is a good way to offer something different to your audience and to market a new product, a new service or simply raise awareness of your business – vlogging your day is a popular idea for businesses or freelancers.

Get involved with popular hashtags on social media to get your brand out there aren’t associated with good stuff. Classic examples of Twitter include #MotivationalMonday and #ThrowbackThursday. The latter is a great way to highlight past popular content and catch new people with it. It also shows your business is up with the times and current.

According to Start Marketing Group, Spying on the competition to see what they do in their marketing efforts is an extra tip that can help give you inspiration. Facebook business pages allow you to watch other pages and compare them to your own so if a competitor has sudden growth, have a look to see what they are doing. Or if they have a lot of likes versus you, then look what they do differently. Likes aren’t the meaning of life on social media but can be an interesting metric to monitor.

Contest ideas

Running a contest isn’t a new idea, but there are lots of new ways to run one. Social media is a great basis for this kind of thing and photo contents remain popular – they allow users to submit a photo using your product that can then be used elsewhere to market the business. It is an attractive option on Instagram in particular.

Voting contents are always popular as they take a few seconds to interact with and could easily lead to a prize. As well as increasing the brand awareness, they are an excellent way to do a little market research and test advertising or a new product.

Sweepstakes are a contest tradition that now has a modern bonus – you gain email addresses for your mailing list while conducting one. Give away a good prize, make the person’s first name and email address their entry and ensure they know they will be added to the mailing list. And you can even give extra entries if they share on social media.

Content ideas

Marketing with content is top of most SEO experts list of ways to build up your business, but it isn’t all about creating new content. Repurposing content is a great way to make something a little new from something old – new research, updated details or even simply new graphics and a little edit. Then you have a new piece from an old piece without needing to put in as much work.

Guest posting is a tactic many businesses use to boost credibility and expand to new audiences. By having a blogger write a piece relevant to your audience then share it with their social media following, you are reaching new people and potentially making them your audience.


While much about marketing has changed, some things remain the same – testing and checking results to see what works. Use of analytics is essential to measure campaign success against the desired metric and A/B testing – trying one idea on one group and another on another – is an excellent way to experiment when you aren’t sure what is best for your business.

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